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let's parti!

15th January 2021

We've Launched!

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Welcome to the Parti!


Occupational Therapists believe that everyone deserves to live their lives the way they want. We collaborate with individuals at different phases of their lives to understand their goals, identify their capabilities and equip them with skills and resources to participate. It could be as ordinary as supporting teenagers with anxiety symptoms to cope with different stressors in school; or as complicated as training a lady with spinal cord injury to use speech-to-text technology and other assistive technologies to draft emails. 


Some participation goals can only be actualized by concerted efforts from various stakeholders. Many elderly envisioned spending their later years in their own homes and neighbourhoods. To support ageing-in-place, Occupational Therapists worked with the Housing Development Board and its contractors to roll out home modifications across Singapore to build elderly-friendly houses. To enable people with varying mobility status to access different spaces, Occupational Therapists were involved in the review of Code of Accessibility in 2017 with Building Construction Authority, Singapore. 


Alongside differently-abled individuals and community partners, Occupational Therapists in Singapore have been promoting participation in a myriad of ways. 

Let's Parti - OT day 2021

This OT Day, we hope to gather different stories of participation and the significance it brought to different people’s lives. Through such participation stories, we could celebrate the successes of the profession so as to motivate the Occupational Therapists to continue their work, to inspire more individuals with disabilities to envision a fully participative life and for other healthcare professionals and members of the public to start conversing about what participation looks like in Singapore and it could and should be.

Yap Li Wen

Occupational Therapy Day 2021 Chairperson

read their stories here

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Mr Vroom

Mr Vroom was a teenager when he got into a road traffic accident that changed his life forever... 

Click on the button below to read his journey in becoming a painter

People who Participate!

Image by Chase Chappell
Mr A

‘We may lose our strength, but we will never lose our devotion and love’. Hear how a client with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was supported to access and contribute to his local community through his podcasts.

Image by Lea Böhm
Madam O

‘Ultimately I’m in my own home and I’m happy with this for now’. Read on to find out how Mdm O was supported to go home from the nursing home, and little steps along the way to regain her personhood and choices within her preferred environment.

Image by Mohamed Nohassi
Mr Devoted

After the passing of his mother, Mr Devoted needed support again to rediscover what was important to him, and to slowly rebuild his life, routines, and social participation through meaningful activities. Click on to read more about his participation through OT!

Image by Christian Bowen
Mdm N

From disrupted sleep-wake cycles to agitation at home and at the day care centre, see how Mdm N became more socially connected, engaged and empowered to take on responsibilities within her "second family" at the Day Care.

Miss V - Choice.png
Miss V

Miss V had a lack of exposure in travelling to school by herself, as her mother has always been accompanying her to and from school. With a motorized scooter now and a new goal to cook for her mum, what would her participation look like?

Person Stories (Micro)

OT Organizations who Participate!

‘Same Same but Different’ - Let’s Parti with BB (Basketball)!

Have you ever wondered how different children with different abilities participate in one activity? How will that look like in a basketball game? This OT Day, join Rainbow Centre in a journey of discovery and empowerment of all participants (including teachers, caregivers, and students) to reflect on participation through a game of basketball! Click in to find out more!

Let's Parti through Empowerment!

Keen to find out how clients at Dementia Day Care will be teaching therapists and club facilitators their occupations of expertise and interest? Click in to find out more!

Thriving through Change

Increasing your knowledge and awareness on the importance of self-management skills cannot be over-emphasized in these turbulent times brought on by COVID-19. Check out the workshops conducted by CGH in collaboration with NLB through the link here!

“Disabling Disabilities” @ (these)abilities

At (these)abilities, PwDs are able to innovate and collaborate with others in order to come up with solutions for their everyday struggles. (these)abilities believe in levelling up the playing field for PwDs at home, work and play through creation of products that are meant for all to use. Click to find out more!

Opportunities & Events!

OT Organizaions (Meso)

Mini Parti Series

Mini Parti - SEs (Meso)
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